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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Coby Snapp Cam5000

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You may have heard of Coby since the company has been around since the early
'90s. It's always been a bit of an underdog, but it seems to have survived just
fine in the electronics world. If you want an HD camcorder without the hefty
price tag, Coby has just the thing for you the Snapp HD Touch Screen CAM5005.
At first glance, you may feel like you bought a toy because of the packaging.
It's not safely and securely packaged in a box with lots of bubble wrap. No,
it's packaged so that it can be hung up at an electronics store. All of the
camcorders in the Snapp CAM series are like this, however. Maybe heavy-duty
packaging is reserved for pocket camcorders with a larger price tag. Once you
open the packaging, you might still be concerned. The plastic casing feels a tad
cheap, but really, what can you expect for the price?
Also in this series is the Coby Snapp CAM5002, which has most of the same
features as the Snapp CAM5005 minus the flip-out display screen and pistol-style
grip. It's shaped more like a small cell phone, so it's equally portable and
convenient to carry around. The Coby Snapp CAM3000s also feature this design and
have similar features, but they don't record in HD. The Snapp CAM4000s also
don't record in HD, but they have the pistol-style grip and similar features.
This small camcorder doesn't feature integrated memory. This means you have to
buy a MicroSD card that will enable you to store up to 32GB of video and still
photos. If you pick up any of the other Snapp CAMs, you'll receive 32MB of
integrated memory. This is about as good as having no integrated memory, as
you'll only be able to record about 20 seconds of video.
We really enjoyed the swivel display screen that we could position so that our
subjects could see themselves during filming. The touchscreen is responsive and
simple enough to use. Few of the Coby Snapp CAMs have these features. This
handheld camera doesn't provide as high quality of footage as we expected.
Although it is in fact an HD camcorder, the images don't come across that way.
It doesn't do well in low light, either. The video and images come out grainy.

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