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The GE DVX waterproof digital video camera is about the size of a cell phone,
and the price of a point-and-shoot camera. Its ability to shoot HD video and
take decent quality photos is something other camcorders we reviewed don't have.
This pocket camcorder is an ideal travel companion because it can withstand all
the elements. From riding the rapids to soaking in sun at the beach to climbing
Everest, the DVX will endure any adventure.
Not only does this mini camcorder shoot in full HD, but it also takes 5MP
photos. This resolution isn't great, but it's not bad either. Your cell phone
probably takes higher quality photos, but you can't drop your cell phone in the
river, pick it up and continue shooting.
If you plan to watch the videos you take with your small video camera on an
HDTV, you may want to consider a different camcorder. The GE DVX records in HD,
but the picture doesn't look clear and perfect unless you view it on the
camcorder's 2.5-inch color LCD screen, or another equally small screen.
This mini camcorder doesn't do well with moving objects, even with its
image-stabilization feature. The focus is also lacking. We noticed that our
subject had to be 5 to 6 feet away from us before the camcorder would focus.
However, when we switched to the 720/60p resolution, the videos looked great
when we displayed them on a computer screen. This would be the ideal setting to
record your next video for YouTube.
Speaking of YouTube, if you want to upload your videos there or on any other
social media site, it's relatively simple to do with this handheld camcorder
because it has a built-in USB connector. You can easily plug it into your
computer or laptop and transfer the files. This is also a great way to charge
the battery, which you'll have to do often as it only lasts about an hour.
Another thing we found frustrating is that the DVX doesn't come with any bundled
software to edit or share videos.
Kids and adults alike will enjoy being able to goof off while using this camera.
It's waterproof up to 5 meters and shockproof. If something does happen and you
need to contact GE, you'll be happy to know that the company has world-renowned
customer service. You can contact representatives via email and phone, and the
website has a thorough FAQ section.

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