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[Mobile Cellphone Info] VistaQuest VQ-DV900HD

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What VistaQuest lacks in customer service, it makes up for in video quality. The
full HD images you get with the DV900HD are comparable to those we took with our
higher-rated handheld video cameras, and this series takes high quality still
images for such little pieces of machinery. It has a few key features that
separate it from lesser pocket camcorders, and that is why we awarded it our
TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award.

VistaQuest's VQ-DV900HD shoots high quality 1080p video (1920 x 1280 at 30
frames per second) with the option to shoot lower-quality video at 720p or VGA
(640 x 480). Most other camcorders in the DV series also have these
capabilities. We found the videos we recorded on that setting were still great
quality, and we saved battery power and memory space at the same time.
This pocket camcorder also gives you the ability to take still photos with a
resolution up to 9MP. Like the video, you can capture 3MP or 5MP still images to
take up less space on your memory card and save battery power. Other camcorders
in this series take 8MP photos, but the DV200 only takes 0.3MP. You won't want
to take pictures in poor lighting, though, because the "flash" on this camcorder
is really just an LED light.

All of the small camcorders in this series fail to feature integrated memory
that's worth writing home about, but most camcorders of this nature don't have
anything better. The VistaQuest's 32MB of integrated memory will allow you to
capture 10 photos, if you're lucky, and about five seconds of video. This all
depends on whether you film in HD or not. Luckily, VistaQuest has included a
slot for an SD/SDHC card in the VQ-DV900, which can expand your camcorder's
memory up to 64GB. That amount of memory will allow you to film hours upon hours
of video and take thousands of pictures. Just remember to carry a backup battery
if you intend to film that much at once because the battery only lasts about an
hour and a half per charge.

We were happy to find that this camcorder uses a lithium-ion battery instead of
disposable batteries, though we can't say the same about the other camcorders in
this series as they use AAA batteries. We were even happier to discover that it
has an HDMI port and a flip-out USB connector. When you receive your camera,
you'll enjoy the included ArcSoft MediaImpression 2.0 software. The downside to
this is that it only works on Windows and not the Mac OS. Of course, this is
only a downside if you're a Mac user.

Here's the deal with VistaQuest's help and support: the company may as well not
have any. Its FAQ consist of one question and answer. Unless you're having the
exact issue the FAQ addresses, you won't find any help on the manufacturer's
The company lists a phone number and an email address on its site, but when we
attempted to send emails to the address listed, they were returned as
undeliverable. We made multiple calls to the company's offices as well. A polite
receptionist generally answered the phone, but we were then transferred to
someone who may not actually exist. The phone either rang and rang, or a
voicemail picked up rather quickly. We left numerous messages, but not even one
call was returned. Basically, we're giving the company points for having
customer service options, but don't expect to find any help. However, we didn't
try calling the Asian or European offices; maybe you'd have more luck calling
The DV HD series produces high quality video and decent still images. The non-HD
camcorders, however, produce so-so video and images. They are all a great
compact size, and we didn't mind carrying them around. We wish all of them had a
touchscreen display and a few more features, but they're a great small camcorder
otherwise unless, of course, something goes wrong with it. Then, due to the
company's lack of help and support, you're essentially on your own.

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