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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Vivitar DVR 900HD

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From cameras to binocular and microscopes, Vivitar make a wide range of fun
toys. The Vivitar DVR 925HD is one of those toys, and though it isn't the best
pocket camcorder, it has a lot to offer.
These Vivitar cameras feel somewhat cheaply made. The plastic casing isn't made
of the strongest, most durable material, and that makes these Vivitar camcorders
feel cheap even though they aren't really. We really like the pistol grip of the
DVR 925HD because it makes the camera easy to hold and operate without shaking
too much. However, a downside of this pistol grip is the button placement.
Vivitar could have made the menu buttons a bit more intuitive. If you prefer a
camcorder with a cell phone style, then you'll enjoy the 400HD and 600HD
While this camera boasts a high definition video, the resolution is only 720p,
not 1080p or higher. This is the same across the board for the DVR HD series.
The best camcorders on the market provide a much less grainy image than the
925HD does. So, even though it's an HD camcorder, it's not the best HD image. On
the plus side, an HDMI cord is included so you can watch your home videos on
your HDTV. You'll also get a USB cord that you can use to transfer your video
and still photos onto your computer, and it doubles as a way to charge this
small camcorder.
The DVR HD camcorders have a tiny bit of integrated memory just enough to take
one test photo, but not enough to store even one second of video. An SD card
slot behind the display screen of the DVR 925HD allows you to expand the memory
up to 32GB. This is more than enough memory for the casual videographer, but be
aware you'll need to purchase a separate memory card.
The camera can take still photos with a resolution of 8MP, which is about what
you'll get from the average smartphone. The exception here being the 400HD
models, which only capture 3MP photos. The sound is decent, too. We took this
pocket camcorder with us to a school musical and were surprised that we captured
a decent picture for such a dark atmosphere, and pretty good sound, considering
situations like that usually result in really poor audio.

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