Monday, June 3, 2013

[Mobile Cellphone Info] HTC Watch closes in six EU countries on May 31

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'HTC Watch closes in six EU
countries on May 31'

HTC Watch video service was launched back in May 2011 with the HTC Sensation
smartphone. It offers various Hollywood movies for rent and download. As it
seems though it didn't gather enough interest and HTC will be limiting its

HTC confirmed it will close the HTC Watch service on May 15 in six EU countries
- Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. The users from these countries
will still be able to download their existing purchases.

Later, on May 31, HTC will completely shut down the Watch service and the users
from those six EU countries will no longer be able to access it. We suppose in
those two weeks they must download what they have purchased, or lose it

In a press release HTC says:

"As we continue to deliver new content for HTC Watch, weve made the decision to
focus our efforts on markets with the highest engagement."

We are yet to see if HTC plans to limit the Watch availability any further.


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