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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Lenovo IdeaPad S405 Window 8 Laptop

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IdeaPad S405 from Lenovo boasts not just respectable entry level
notebook with plenty of grunt for basic computing but a pretty design
and quad-core processing to boot, at a very exciting price point.

appearance of the IdeaPad S405 centres on its red display lid and
brushed metal/black plastic insides and base. A few flourishes were
sacrificed to bring it in at $699 dual scroll is absent from the
touch pad, theres a bit of teeter on the lid if you arent
careful, no physical volume control but for all that its a
good-looking machine with a clean design inside and out.

have installed a AMD A8 quad-core CPU to run proceedings, backed by
4GB of 1600MHz RAM, and an AMD Radeon 7460G GPU taking care of the
visuals. Lenovo have installed a 5400rpm 500GB spinning disk for

far as ports go, we get an HDMI interface, a couple of USB-2s and one
USB-3 express-speed port, an SD card reader, but no optical drive for
DVDs or any software you might have on disk.

the 14-inch glossy screen has a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, giving
decent brightness and contrast, but the display is never going to be
professional artist-grade.

2MP webcam above the screen performs adequately for Skyping, with
fair video capture, and reasonable color reproduction. Audio is
fairly loud at maximum volume, but the usual caveats apply as to
well-defined and full-bodied sound; speakers are a must for anything
other than background accompaniment.

the quad-core AMD A8 series is about equal to the last-gen Intel i3
range of CPUs its suited to multi-tabbed surfing, 1080p video,
office suites, and such like, but not to heavy graphical work or
gaming. So youll have to look back a couple of years to find game
titles playable on the S405, since current demanding games are beyond
the notebooks abilities, even with settings and resolution pared
to the bone. But Angry Birds, Delta Force from 2009 or so, FIFA 12
theyll all play, and masses of heavy web pages wont slow the
Windows 8 OS, which runs smoothly and launches programs and apps
quickly enough.

there is also an Intel Core i3-powered version on sale, the Lenovo
IdeaPad S400, which runs on a low-end second-gen Sandy Bridge chip,
but it relies on the old HD standard for integrated graphical
processing, so what it gains in basic computational oomph it loses in
grpahical competence. Same price, but users are best off with this
version, since the extra grpahical grunt will keep image-rich
webpages loading briskly as ever more rich media content lands up on
the net.

One Touch Recovery button means nasty viruses and general slowdowns
over time can be eradicated in a flash, which is another nice feature
for anyone looking for convenient computing at a decent price.
Battery life unfortunately is not strong it just about reaches to
4 hours of surfing. But its a light and svelte notebook, its
good looking, and it suffices for everyday tasks at a very reasonably

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