Saturday, June 1, 2013

[Mobile Cellphone Info] Nokia Investing in Refocusable Light-Field Cameras; Could Come to Lumia Lineup

Mobile Cellphone Info has posted a new item, 'Nokia Investing in Refocusable
Light-Field Cameras; Could Come to Lumia Lineup'

Light-field cameras have the potential to revolutionize digital imaging.
Brought to the commercial market by Lytro last year, the tech lets users snap a
picture once, and then choose how to focus the image using software after the
fact. Weve already heard that Toshiba was working on developing the same sort of
process in a form small enough for inclusion in smartphones, but today we turn
our attention to Nokia, which is planning to invest in a light-field company
with the intent of outfitting future Lumias with such next-gen cameras.
Nokia Growth Partners, the companys investment division, intends to invest in
startup Pelican Imaging, which is involved in the development of software that
does all this after-the-fact processing which makes light-field images so
Even with a stake in Pelican, we dont expect to see any light-field Lumias any
time soon. Were probably still a year away before we start seeing this tech in
any smartphones, and even then it could be slow to catch on. Still, its
reassuring to know that Nokia isnt resting on its PureView laurels and seems
intent on continuing to make imaging a primary focus for its smartphone lineup.
Source: Bloomberg
Via: The Verge

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