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[Mobile Cellphone Info] Remains of the Day: Bond. Financial bond.

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Financial bond.'

Some day, when people ask Apple why it offered up a multi-billion dollar bond,
itll tell people it was young and needed the money. Of course, if you believe
one competitors CEO, thats because Cupertinos tablet business is going belly up
sooner rather than later. And its time for the latest edition of Im a Celebrity,
Get Me Out of Sponsored Tweeting! The remainders for Tuesday, April 30, 2013
have a nasty habit of surviving.

Apple wows market with record $17 billion bond deal (Reuters)

Apples making the largest non-bank bond deal in history, putting up $17 billion
for sale in order to fuel its ambitious share repurchase plan. To all of us
non-financial types, this is the most interesting bond-related story since
Skyfall came out.

Apple and Samsung set to battle over damages this November (The Verge)

If that doesnt sate your appetite for matters financial, youll be thrilled to
hear that Apple and Samsung are going back to the court system. Beginning in
November, the two companies will once again let the bickering begin, this time
over the damages resulting from the previous trial. And, not unlike Alien vs.
Predator), whoever wins, we lose.

BlackBerrys CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Dead In Five Years (Cult of Mac)

Meanwhile, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is predicting doom for the iPad and its
ilk, saying, In five years I dont think therell be a reason to have a tablet
anymore. I respectfully disagree: That BlackBerry PlayBook does a great job of
leveling my kitchen table.

Original iPhone will soon reach obsolete status in Apple Retail Stores

Speaking of kaput technology, the original iPhone is apparently due to be put
out to pasture soon. According to an internal Apple memo obtained by 9to5Mac,
the iPhone will achieve obsolete status in most places as of June 11, 2013. Isnt
that just like Apple? It forces its phones into obsolescence so that you have to
buy a new one every six years!

In iOS 7, Apple wants to own your cars console with Maps and Siri integration

Car integration is a big focus of iOS 7, according to 9to5Mac. The blog reports
that Apple is planning to include support for auto makers who want to allow iOS
devices to access in-car displays; Siri and Maps are mentioned as the major
focus. Imagine the features: Maps displayed right on your vehicles screen,
hands- and eye-free interaction with your iPhone, the ability to have Siri
automatically call you a tow truck in advance when you ask for directions the
possibilities are endless!

Samsung celebrity tweets out support for Galaxy S4 from his iPhone

Celebrities are once again embarrassing themselves, and their sponsors, by
demonstrating their lack of tech savvy. This time it was Spanish tennis star
David Ferrer, who tweeted about how much he loved using his new Galaxy
S4unfortunately, he did so from his iPhone. The tweet was quickly deleted, but
not before a bunch of blogs snapped it up. Sorry, Davidthat was a double fault.

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