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[Toy] The Original Shnoozles from Sun Moon Enterprises Kids Nighttime Product Review

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Kids Nighttime Product Review'

The Original Shnoozles are the perfect day/night plush for children. Shu-Shu and
Shah-Shah are soft and cuddly Shnoozle critters who make play time and sleep
time fun for kids of all ages. Shnoozles have a patented, unique eye feature
that enables the only plush in the world to allow their eyes to be closed!
Wellit doesnt get much easier than playing with a Shnoozle! With eyes open, kids
can happily play with their favorite new little buddy. Then when it is time to
nap or sleep, or to put their Shnoozle to sleep, your children simply pull out
the Shnoozles eyelids for a sleepy-time look! Easy!
After lots of play, and lots of naps, and lots of sleeps we found no breakdown
in our Shnoozle. Obviously, if you have a child that is a bit rougher on their
stuffed animals, you may need to spot clean, otherwise no durability concerns.
The Original Shnoozles are cute with a pink design and a light brown design to
appeal to both boys and girls. With that said, our kids are a tough group to
please and this wasnt the first stuffed animal/plush they pulled off the shelf.
As far as a plush toy goes, Shnoozles have pretty good functionality. Their
eyelids tuck up or come down to illustrate awake time of sleep time. Shnoozles
dont sing or dance (not that they should!), but it is hard to award too many
stars for Functionality to a plush toy.
This was the tough one for our team. Lots of parents grow tired of stuffed
animals and plush toys piling up around the house. We tend to see that most kids
receive their plush toys as gifts and while the $25 price tag isnt unreasonable
for a gift it is a bit on the high side. Many of our parents felt that is they
were going to spend $25 on a gift, they wanted to deliver more than a plush. At
the same time, many felt that is this was around $15 they would be much more
comfortable buying for their children or their friends children.
Sure plush toys have been around forever, but we really like the all-original
spin that the Shnoozle people have come up with to illustrate awake time and
sleep time. Nice angle to help teach kids for sure!
The Original Shnoozles are easy to use, cute, and actually teach a nice lesson.
They are a bit on the expensive side, but dont misunderstand us, we tend to say
that often these days! All in all we like the Shnoozles and if you dont mind
the price tag, your children will like waking up and putting their Shnoozle to

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