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[US Jobs Vacancies] Job Vacancies Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), April 2013

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Initiative (CHAI), April 2013'

Job Vacancies Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)Position: Manager, New
Product OpportunitiesLocation: United States of America ( The )Closing Date:
Thursday, 20 June 2013
Founded in 2002, by President William J. Clinton, the Clinton Health Access
Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening
integrated health systems around the world and expanding access to care and
treatment for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other illnesses. Based on the premise that
business oriented strategy can facilitate solutions to global health challenges,
CHAI acts as a catalyst to mobilize new resources and optimize the impact of
these resources to save lives, via improved organization of commodity markets
and more effective local management. By working in association with governments
and other NGO partners, CHAI is focused on large scale impact and, to date, CHAI
has secured lower pricing agreements for treatment options in more than 70
countries. In addition, CHAIs teams are working side-by-side with over 30
governments to tackle many of the largest barriers to effective treatment and
CHAI is seeking individuals to assist in the evaluation of new commodities and
markets related to those in which CHAI currently works. These areas may include:
opportunistic infections associated with HIV, sexually transmitted infections,
non-HIV and TB focused diagnostics, microbicides, respiratory infection,
maternal and child health, neglected tropical diseases, and other health related
devices. The individual will manage a small portfolio of projects in order to
better understand the global disease issue as well as the possible market based
interventions that will expand access and ultimately save lives. The Manager
must be able to structure a project approach, design and manage work plans, and
develop innovative and creative recommendations. The position is highly
independent and entrepreneurial and reports to the teams Senior Director.
The New Product Opportunities team within CHAIs Access Group is a new team
charged with exploring disease areas and public health problems, where CHAI is
not currently focused, to understand market barriers for drugs, devices,
diagnostics and other products. The team works with governments, international
partners, suppliers and others active in global public health to find new areas
for focus. Working with various internal and external stakeholders, the team
will analyze new markets, identify access barriers, and craft supply and demand
side interventions Ultimately, through the development of market based
interventions, the team hopes to expand patient access to treatment and save
We are accordingly seeking highly motivated individuals with outstanding
analytical, time management, and communication skills. The candidates must be
able to function independently and flexibly, along with a deep personal
commitment to producing the highest quality results. This team is both an
internally and externally focused teams and requires high level of relationship
management. CHAI places great value on relevant personal qualities:
resourcefulness, entrepreneurialism, tenacity, independence, humility, and work
ethic. A successful candidate will demonstrate flexibility as well as a strong
ability to multi-task and to handle unexpected requests and projects.
Assist team leadership in project structuring and establishing deadlines for
major milestones and deliverables; draft work plans.
Develop a strategy and response within a given product or disease area, develop
clear market based recommendations on how to approach the issue, and offer
suggestions on implementation and execution of given ideas.
Design tools for market research and analysis.
Aid in the development of market models estimating supplier capacity, demand
creation, and price sensitivity.
Manage the creation of project deliverables and ensure high quality products.
Support the development and management of key supplier and partner relationships
as well as support communication and information flow with CHAIs country teams.
5 7 years experience in management consulting, healthcare consulting or
investment banking.
Bachelors in related field, with a strong preference for an MBA.
Strong quantitative skills, including significant experience working in excel on
Ability to digest and synthesize large amounts of information quickly.
Excellent organizational and problem solving skills.
Strong communication skills, including the ability to prepare compelling
Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI)
383 Dorchester Avenue, Suite 400
Boston, Massachusetts 02127, United States
Tel: (617) 774-0110

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