Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Investing lessons and strategies for 2014

Investing lessons and strategies for 2014
The investing landscape saw momentous developments in 2013. We sum up these changes, distilling the learning and suggesting strategies for 2014.
Rupee in 2014: Counter the freefall by investing in global funds
To counter the dip in rupee, invest around 10% of your portfolio in global funds in the coming year.
Stocks in 2014: Few opportunities in large-cap; mid-caps more attractive
Extreme polarisation marked the performance of the stock markets during the year 2013.
Gold in 2014: No longer a safe investment
The myth that gold prices only rise was shattered and the metal lost its status as a safe haven.
Can these companies get out of the debt trap?
Companies across sectors are caught in a debt trap. Companies are not making enough money to even repay the interest on their debt.
Quote of the week
“No single data or point or number will determine our next move but our effort is firmly on controlling inflation.”
Raghuram Rajan RBI Governor
Goels need to reorient their investments to fund their goals

Family Finances

Despite a good risk coverage, the Goels will need to reorient their investments to overcome the disadvantages of relying heavily on insurance and real estate to fund their goals.
Why upfront commissions need to be banned

Financial Planning

Upfront commission encourages a transaction-level activity with investors. It is a far from the effort of selling right and placing the customer first.
Sanjay Yadavrao’s Rs 7 crore venture brings prosperity to Konkan

Money-making venture

“The people in Konkan were forced to migrate to cities due to lack of local employment opportunities. I wanted to change the status quo,” Yadavrao says.
Mantra to success: How Manish Godha built a Rs 6 crore technology marketing company


Last year, Advaiya reported a revenue of about Rs 6 crore, and in the next fiscal year, the 85-employee company expects to generate Rs 10-11 crore.

Financial Calculators

Plan your car
Plan your car
Car cart!
Use this calculator to find out if it is worthwhile to shift your home loan to another bank? Just enter the data and click next. It's that easy.
Home Loan Refinance
Home Loan Refinance
Should you refinance your home loan?
Find out how much you will have on retirement with different combinations of savings, percentage returns, time to go and tax rate.
The year 2013 saw bargaining power in buyers’ hands. Make the most of it till the first half of 2014.
Most people blindly press the ‘I agree’ button and accept the terms while buying online or sharing information on the Net. To avoid needless problems, here are the things you should know.
There is a silver lining in a high inflation regime. You can use the high inflation to bring down your tax on certain investments.
Shrugging off the impact of tapering of the US stimulus, FIIs continue to be attracted to India.
Direct plans introduced in 2013 can be your key to higher returns from mutual funds.
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