Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 best tax-saving investment plans

10 best tax-saving investment plans
We have ranked 10 of the most common investments under Section 80C on five basic parameters: returns, safety, flexibility, liquidity and taxability.
Commodities Futures: Use hedging tool to reduce your risk exposure
If an investor has physical material or stock of a particular commodity, he can hedge his exposure to the physical market by taking a reverse and opposite position.
Should you bet on tyre stocks?
Will the government’s move affect the industries that use natural rubber, especially the tyre sector, adversely?
What to do if you lose your job
Here are the steps you should take to ensure you don’t have to deal with a financial crisis when out of job.
Legal battle: What to do if you are sued
Fighting a legal battle in India is invariably a nightmare for the common man. Explore all the options before formulating a strategy .
Quote of the week
"If banks charge a reasonable fees on ATM transactions, the Reserve Bank of India will have no objections."
K C Chakrabarty Deputy Governor
Strong asset base and long-term financial plan will help Guptas

Family Finances

A strong asset base and realistic, long-term financial goals will help Guptas achieve these with minor realignment.
Why we need to curb the menace of black economy

Financial Planning

It not only widens the gap between the rich and the poor but, more importantly, impacts the retail investor by keeping assets like real estate and gold out of his reach.
Sanjay Yadavrao’s Rs 7 crore venture brings prosperity to Konkan

Money-making venture

“The people in Konkan were forced to migrate to cities due to lack of local employment opportunities. I wanted to change the status quo,” Yadavrao says.
Hitendra Chaturvedi's Rs 100 crore company GreenDust tapped the reverse logistics space in India


I had a ready business ideaâ€" reverse logistics. India ranks among the bottom three when it comes to supply chain efficiencies.

Financial Calculators

Plan your car
Plan your car
Car cart!
Use this calculator to find out if it is worthwhile to shift your home loan to another bank? Just enter the data and click next. It's that easy.
Home Loan Refinance
Home Loan Refinance
Should you refinance your home loan?
Find out how much you will have on retirement with different combinations of savings, percentage returns, time to go and tax rate.
A contingency corpus is your defence against unforeseen circumstances, such as a medical exigency or job loss.
The export push is also yielding fruit for Cummins, thanks to the increased sourcing by the parent company.
It's time again to plan your taxes. Find out how much you need to invest under Section 80C and the best option for you.
G-secs come with a sovereign guarantee and the payable interest, which is taxable, is determined at the auction.
The margin can be as high as 50% depending on the underlying security. The margins for shares is high as their value is very volatile.
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